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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Our Favorite Educational Apps

We don't use electronics very much during school time.  We do use computers for typing, and I present one curriculum from the laptop a few days of the week, but otherwise mobile devices are not necessary.  There are plenty of games we use during free time though.  I've chosen most of them because they reinforce what we learn in school.  Here's a list of our favorite educational apps.  The first four are the ones I do consider necessary for school!

Phonogram Sounds -This goes along with All About Learning Press materials (reading and spelling).  It is nice to have an app rather than use the CD that came with our curricula! (iTunes)
Letter Sounds A to Z - Same as above, but only the first letter sounds.  Helpful for a pre or beginning reader. (iTunes)
XtraMath - XtraMath is an awesome website for practicing math facts.  I love that it is an app now because it's easier for younger kids to use a touchscreen; looking from screen to keyboard takes longer to enter answers, which frustrated my kids. (iTunes)
IEW Writing Tools - This is for use with IEW writing programs.  It provides A LOT of helps including a thesaurus.  Free version available. (iTunes)

Alphabet Sounds Word Study - My preschooler uses this to pick out beginning, middle, and final sounds.  A great pre-reading app. (iTunes)
Short Vowel Word Study  (iTunes)
Long Vowels Word Study - These two apps help with spelling through games and practice.  They are based on the Word Study methods. (iTunes)
123s ABCs Kids Handwriting ZBP - Tracing practice for manuscript letters. (iTunes)
ABCs Kids Tracing Cursive ZBC -Tracing practice for cursive letters. (iTunes)
Kids Place - Parental Control - This app locks the rest of my phone down.  It defaults to airplane mode if I choose.  I love that it keeps my kids from using TOO much of my phone.
DragonBox Algebra 5+ - A neat game to learn the basic processes needed to do algebra.  For ages 5 and up.  Also available DragonBox Algebra 12+ which is more advanced, and DragonBox Elements which helps with geometry. (iTunes)
Slice It! - A geometric brain teaser game.  (iTunes)
ISS Detector Satellite Tracker - Tells when and where to look for the International Space Station or Iridium flares.  Did you know you can see the ISS without a telescope?
Presidents vs. Aliens - A fun way to learn facts about the presidents of the U.S.A. (iTunes)
Stack the States - A fun way to learn facts about the states. (iTunes)
Maps Quiz - Great for practicing naming countries and states 
Bible Videos - Beautifully done videos about the life of Jesus Christ.  These are helpful in our scripture studies. (iTunes)

Tasks Free - This one is just for me.  It's an app that syncs with Google keeps my to-do list right on my home screen.  I often add things I need to prepare or stuff I want to research.

Our favourite Apps for Homeschooling iOS and Android

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  1. We love Stack the States as well. Love that they are learning while playing. I also spy Duolingo on your photo and we use that one too. It is great.