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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Mabel's Labels Review

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Have you heard of Mabel's Labels?  They make labels for the stuff you loose, labels for household products, and safety labels.  We first purchased them when my oldest attended kindergarten.  We labeled her coat, boots, backpack, gloves, and anything else we thought might easily get lost.  It worked, she didn't loose anything those first few years!

Since we homeschool now we don't have the same uses for them.  But we still use the labels!  Each child has their own set and we were sent a sample set with our phone number.  I haven't included any personal images because they have my children's name and our home phone number on them and I won't share that info online.  But I want to assure you they are just as pretty and durable as the online images look!  We've never had one fall of, not in the dishwasher, and not on clothes that my oldest wore then passed down to her two younger sisters (that's a lot of trips through the washer!).

Some things we use Mabel's Labels for:

Lunchboxes and lunchbox parts
Backpacks (homeschoolers go plenty of places that we need backpacks for!)
Reusable water bottles
Kindle e-readers
Portable battery packs
Snow gloves
Flashlights (hey, the kids mix them up easily!)
Shoes, when our cousins own the exact same pair
A bowl and serving spoon, the set we frequently take to potlucks
Vacation shirts... the ones that are identical.  A stick on name label helps us sort clean laundry!

Other neat stuff:
Allergy Alert labels - we don't use these but they do sell them!
411 Wristbands - I'd love to get a set of these before a vacation.
They have so many more label options that I haven't even touched on.  Go check them out!

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