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Monday, April 11, 2016

Not the curls!

This little one has had the most adorable curls since she was tiny.  I have really enjoyed them because my three older children have straight hair (which I am jealous of!).   They stayed in her hair when it grew longer and have been lots of fun.

But lately I noticed something... her baby fine hair has been disappearing.  Her hair has grown in thicker too.  I cut her hair about a year ago so it was getting quite long and was due for another trim.  I've hesitated because she can do her own pony tail and prefers it to hang over her shoulder like Elsa.  But the snarls are torture, and the weather is getting warmer, so we all agreed on the short haircut again.
I hoped that shortening her hair would allow it to curl more by taking some weight off, but nope.. she's outgrown those tiny curls.  It has also darkened up a bit (though the color is off between this before and after shot).  Her very light baby blond coloring is gone.   Her new haircut is adorable, and she enjoys it, but I'm so sad to see the baby hair gone forever.  I'll have to dig out the tiny curls I saved long ago for her scrapbook and create the scrapbook page for them so I can admire them again!

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