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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Our Favorite Curriculum

Who else is crazy like me and has school ready to go?  I've had curriculum ready for a while now and am just waiting for a few supplies that we'll need here and there.

Some of our favorite curricula that we continue using each year are:

All About Reading: My youngest is using this over the summer and I'm sure she'll get through level 1 and 2 this next year.  We love AAR because it makes teaching and learning simple and fun.
All About Spelling:  E will be in 3rd grade and is working on level 3.  I will probably continue this program with her through the end of it, but she really wants to use Phonetic Zoo.  Spelling rules are taught in a fun and easy to remember way.
Institute for Excellence in Writing: I began using Teaching Writing: Structure and Style last year for one child and a second child quickly wanted in on this too!  This year 3 children will be using it for writing.  We also use Fix It! Grammar and Phonetic Zoo.  IEW has made language arts fun, and helped all of us learn to write.  Before we used IEW writing was a dreaded chore, grammar was impossible to remember, and spelling was boring.

Saxon Math: I love, love, love this program.  Every time someone struggles for a while and I debate switching programs, I find reasons to continue Saxon.  And every time the struggles sort themselves out, the child gains confidence, and I'm glad I stuck with it.  I have seen so many benefits using this program, and if even some of the things I read about it is true, I will continue to see those benefits!

Writing With Ease: Younger grades use this around here, my 3rd grader will be the only one using it this year though!  This is a great way to practice narration, dictation, copywork, and comprehension.
The Family School: I've saved the best for last!  This is the curriculum that got us started homeschooling, the push that seemed to promise that I could do it!  This one covers History, Science, Literature, Geography, Music, and Art.  Everyone learns together, it's like a one room schoolhouse.  My kids enjoy this one so much that as soon as we end a year they constantly ask when we can start the next year!  I'm always impressed with how much they've learned.  We can't wait to get started on Year 4 this fall!  (Use my link to save $30!)

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