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Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Recap

I decided to include the weekend in my weekly recap.  Sometimes our weekends are fun!

Last Saturday was not one of those days.  We had lots to do and spent the rest of our time doing regular weekend housecleaning. 

Sunday was a Regional Conference.  Our church is sectioned into Stakes (basically a geographical location such as the small town we live in), and then divided into smaller wards.  This regional conference was for a good portion of northern Utah, and was broadcast to all the stakes.  It was very inspirational.  A couple things I remember off the top of my head are that each investigator needs a scripture reading mentor to help them read through the Book of Mormon and understand it.  I felt that this could be applied to our own children, since they are investigators in their own way.  Another talk was about teaching children to keep small promises, this will help them develop integrity, and prepare them to make covenants with the Lord.  We invited my sister over for dinner that evening.  I love having her over, I have fond memories of spending time with my aunt and I know my kids already have some good memories of their aunt!  I also helped my oldest set up her own bullet journal on this day.

On Monday we learned about Paul Revere and we made lanterns to hang in our windows from tissue paper and wax paper.  The kids made Nutella blondies.

On Tuesday we learned about justice and mercy.  Both how it was applied in The Merchant of Venice, and how it is applied in our lives because of Christ's atonement.  My son worked on his Halloween costume today, and we had a new RO faucet installed because ours was leaking everywhere!

Wednesday we didn't do science as we usually do, we did a music lesson!  We learned about ancient bell towers and modern handbell choirs.  We practiced singing the happy birthday song as if we were bell ringers.  It was a fun lesson!

Thursday was a geography lesson about gulfs, bays, fjords, and harbors.  My youngest passed off the last article of faith!  My middle daughter made a slingshot from a branch and some scrap elastic.  My oldest started learning a new song for her Christmas piano recital.  My order of spiral coils came today except it was the wrong pitch so I can't use them.  The company is sending the right ones but now they won't be here for the books we need to have ready to use Monday.

On Friday we did another music lesson, this one was about Handel's Messiah.  This year we learned about recitatives and arias.  The public school kids had a day off so our neighbor joined us after lunch for our music lesson.  My son made dinner, and asked if his friend could stay and help cook and eat with us too!  My kids had fun with their friend visiting all afternoon!  We finished Fix It! Grammar book 2 today. 

Some weeks I completely forget to use a camera, so this isn't as visually appealing of a post.  Oops!


  1. sounds like you had a good week. :)

    visiting from KYM's blog. Homeschool Highlights.

  2. Visiting from Kym's blog. The lanterns you made sound like great hands-on learning fun!

  3. Thanks for linking up these interesting highlights at Homeschool Highlights (I'm finally getting caught up)! I love the idea of making the lanterns, and I bet the music lesson about bells was a lot of fun!