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Friday, November 18, 2016

Weekly Recap

Last Sunday was a big day for my kids.  Our church has an annual "Primary Program".  The children ages 3-11 participate in providing the meeting for the day.  They prepare short talks, a line to a paragraph long, and sing songs they've learned this year.  On Saturday they held their final practice and Sunday was the program.  My kids enjoy this so much they invite grandma and grandpa!  It was very inspirational.  I know the Lord watches over children, you can feel it when they talk and sing about what they believe.  We had dinner after church at my parents to celebrate an upcoming birthday.

Monday was our history lesson about the Revolutionary War.  The kids started making little timelines since there are too many events to fit on our wall timeline.  After the lesson I read a portion of The Washington Hypothesis to them that went along with what we learned about.  I'll do the same next week!

Tuesday we learned about Prometheus and Pandora in literature.  We made little paper boxes and placed papers with troubles inside.  My kids think it's great fun to tell everyone "don't open Pandora's box!"

It was also our chemistry celebration.  We had a fun lesson and did four different activities to learn about chemical reactions.  Elephant toothpaste was everyone's favorite.

Thursday was geography and we began studying the lithosphere of North America.  We learned about valleys -- v-shaped, u-shaped, and river plain valleys.  The children ended by digging valleys in the dirt, but this didn't last long because it was an extremely cold day here (compared to what the weather has been anyway)!

Friday was an art lesson and we learned about the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.  Everyone wanted to try copying his work. That was a lot of fun!

See you next week!
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  1. Pandora's Box and elephant toothpaste both sound like great learning fun! Thanks for linking up at Homeschool Highlights - I love seeing what everyone is working on.