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Friday, November 25, 2016

2016 Blue Ribbon Awards and Our Family Favorites

2016 Homeschool Review Crew Blue Ribbon AwardsAt the end of each year, the Homeschool Review Crew sends out a survey for crew members to vote on their favorite products from that year in a variety of categories. It's fun to see what everyone on the crew enjoyed, and I discovered it's helpful to sit with my children and discuss what we felt was most helpful in our home and fun to use. You can see the survey results here.

I called my children together and we discussed each portion of the survey. Some sections were easy, as we only reviewed one item in that category. But there were many categories that had multiple review items we had used and those were harder for us to decide on! Here are our favorites that won:

Our family's favorite review items:

As a family we decided to pick our top 10 favorite items from this year. It was hard to narrow down this list! Some items that we loved aren't in this list because the children chose them as their personal favorite below.
There were some really great products we reviewed that didn't make our list of favorites, but you can find all the reviews we did this year in the tab at the top of my blog.

What did the children like most?

I asked each child to pick their personal favorite. That took some thought too! I heard some things like "If you are picking that, then I'll pick this."

We're looking forward to another year full of great products to review!  Click on the image below to see some family favorites from the rest of the 2016 crew.
Meet the Homeschool Review Crew Curriculum Favourites for 2016

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