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Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 52: 52 Weeks of Photos

The last post! I'm not sure if I'll keep doing this next year, maybe I'll change it up a little. I should decide soon...

I've wanted to rearrange our food storage for a while now. We have this odd room downstairs that was finished to be a bedroom, but it has two closets and one houses the furnace and water heater, and the window is stuck in an odd space in the room, and it's just not practical to sleep in. So it's food storage.

We already had the black shelves back in the corner, but I've wanted a second set. I had my oldest measure and then we went to Costco to buy them. I must have looked at the wrong sign or something when comparing measurements, because we ended up with this massive new set of shelves on the right! They are nice but they are bigger than I expected. If I decide I want a matching set we'll put this new set in the garage and buy the right ones.

The #10 cans take up less than half a shelf on the new set, they took up nearly a whole shelf on the old set! That wood cabinet has a twin (out of the frame on the right) and that's where a lot of the everyday food is at. Also, I got overwhelmed and started sticking things anywhere so I'll be reorganizing and restocking soon. But I just keep laughing at myself and wondering where I went wrong with those numbers...


  1. Personally, I enjoy the posts. :) and that set of shelves is hysterical! Those measurements are waaaay off. And is that wood cabinet from grandma and grandpa's house?

    1. Yes, so far off that I don't know what I was thinking! I should have put M in charge of everything because clearly, I messed it up!
      Yes, they're from grandma and grandpa's house. I refuse to part with them. Plus, they're sturdy!