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Friday, December 23, 2016

Weekly Recap: 'Twas the Week Before Christmas...

We've had a busy but fun week. Last Saturday my kids did school. There was a possibility that we could go to the movie theater on Tuesday and they didn't want to miss the chance!

Sunday was a great day at church full of lessons about Christ's birth.Our Sunday School lesson was about 7 things you didn't know about Christ's birth. This guy has some interesting books out about the topic, and many other topics. I recommend reading his stuff. After church we discovered the roof leaking still again.

On Monday I fixed our home phone! It's a Obi box thing, and works through the internet. I was nearly in tears trying to find out why it hasn't worked for three weeks when I decided to check all the cables again, myself. Turns out that when we put up the Christmas tree and my husband moved the furniture around, he did unplug something! I did something on this day that I've wanted to do for a long time... I sent in my application for IEW Accreditation! My husband sealed up the place the roof leaks.

Tuesday morning we had some time to kill so we did some of our Wednesday work. My oldest made a quick trip to the orthodontist to have a broken bracket put back on, plus two more on teeth that hadn't had them yet. Then we went to the theater to watch Moana! That was a fun family activity, and a much needed break. A quick stop at Target right after the movie, then on home so I could catch an online training meeting for a homeschool thing I'm going to be doing next year. My husband took today through the rest of the week off from his first job.

On Wednesday we finished up school for the year. My husband tried to fix our tub that hasn't held water for a really, really long time because the pop up drain wouldn't pop down. I experimented with a new flavor of Zopf bread... chocolate orange!

Thursday brought some more bread experimenting. My husband got to work some extra time at his second job. I got a much needed haircut this afternoon.

Friday is today, and I experimented with one more flavor of bread. We borrowed Finding Dory from the library and are getting ready for a family movie night. It's been great to spend so much time with family this week, and we're really looking forward to celebrating Christmas this weekend.

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 Merry Christmas!

Bread Notes:
Chocolate Orange - too much orange peel (slightly bitter taste), not enough cocoa.
Chocolate Chip - delicious! A lot of work though.
Apple Cinnamon - cut way back on liquid. Pretty good!


  1. Lovely week! We enjoyed Finding Dory and have not yet seen Moana.
    For the tub - my husband removed the part that pops up (or stays popped up and won't go down) and then we picked up a 'tub stopper' from Amazon. Just search tub stopper and you will see many options. ;)