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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

5 - The First Vision (52 in 2017)

I have probably taken on more blogging ideas than I can handle. Right now I'm doing 3 regular posts a week, this doesn't include reviews. I am having a hard time keeping up! I had an experience today that I couldn't let pass by.

This morning my youngest, N, pulled a paper out of her scriptures and asked me to look at the picture she drew during her Primary class on Sunday. It touched me so much that I asked if I could share then put it in her scrapbook. Here is her rendition of The First Vision. You can watch a video about what her picture depicts here.

In the spring of 1820, Joseph Smith Jr. went into the woods near his home to pray. He had been contemplating which church to join. He felt confused about the various sects, and as he read his Bible he came across the words found in James 1:5. He took it to heart and decided he would do just that, ask God. That is how he ended up in the woods praying.

Satan did not want him to pray and tried very hard to stop him. Joseph persisted, and soon he saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in a pillar of light. They spoke to him! He asked his question, and they answered, just as the verse in the Epistle of James said would happen. This began the wonderful restoration of the church of Jesus Christ. We refer to this as The First Vision

I love seeing the faith that my young daughter has. I know in my heart that the gospel was restored, and it's so sweet to see a child's testimony growing.

Scripture and Snapshot

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