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Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekly Recap: With the Apostle, the Groundhog, and the Desserts

I had a busy weekend! Last Saturday my younger kids went to a church activity and my oldest helped my husband and I organize his office at the church. We cleaned out cupboards and made it easier to find materials needed for the teachers and leaders. We vacuumed and finished just as the little ones were getting ready to go. That night my husband attended a leadership meeting where an apostle of the Lord spoke!

The next morning we attended church and heard a rumor in class that the apostle was speaking to the other ward in the building. After our meetings were done we stood in the foyer listening to Elder Christofferson over the speaker. As soon as all of my children were finished in their classes, we went into the back of the chapel to listen to the apostle speak. After the meeting was finished, he shook all of the children's hands. It was such a special experience for my family, to hear him and be in the same room as he taught, then to shake hands and say hi to him.

Monday's history lesson was about the causes of the French Revolution. We held our #1 Family Home Evening from the book The Christ Centered Home. This is such a neat book and I am looking forward to using it this year. There are 12 lessons taken from scripture stories about the times that Christ came to someone's home and how we can make our home ready to welcome the Spirit of the Lord.

Tuesday morning we were getting breakfast cleaned up and chores started when we heard a thump on the front window. My son looked outside to see a falcon or hawk grabbing on to a magpie and flying away! Our literature lesson was about the trials and blessings in Nat's life. We finished reading the book Carry On, Mr. Bowditch.

Wednesday's science lesson was about energy transforming and transferring. We watched videos of Rube Goldberg machines and everyone wished that we owned the game Mouse Trap. Here's my son's creation.

Thursday morning everyone gathered around the television to see if the groundhog saw his shadow. Our geography lesson was on Matthew Maury. We have a lesson about him every year, but this lesson was more about his entire life than others we've had. It was fun to learn more about him.

Friday was a music lesson about the rest of the woodwind family, and about Peter and the Wolf. My two youngest got to go to a friend's birthday party that afternoon while my two oldest made cookies at home. The girls said the party was so much fun, they keep talking about everything they did! We brought home 3 fish from our friend and quickly set them up in my little 1.5 gallon fish bowl. We rushed off to a dinner at our church, where my youngest ran about 50 laps around the gym because she had so much energy to burn from cake and cookies!

I'll catch you up on the rest of the weekend soon!

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  1. Rube Goldberg, Matthew Maury, and Peter and the Wolf - fascinating week! Thanks for linking up at Homeschool Highlights!