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Friday, February 17, 2017

How We Homeschool: Exercise (Blogging Through the Alphabet)

This week's letter is E, and I chose to talk about exercise! I chose this topic for two reasons - because I like the things we already do, and because I hope you'll give me more ideas!

What we do for physical education:

We really enjoy biking together as a family, and the kids ride bikes nearly every day when it's warmer outside. They also rollerblade and ride scooters. We like to have jump rope contests together, and we play basketball in our driveway. Last week I mentioned that my husband takes the kids running early in the morning during the warmer months. The older kids can use the treadmill, and the younger ones are allowed to when someone is in the same room.

My husband also teaches the kids how to use weights properly, and they are allowed to use the lighter ones when they want. In the past I have used exercise DVDs, but our living room is really small when there are 5 of us doing the DVD together! I wish we had a better space for this. We also like Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube.

I get stuck on how much physical education we should really do, but that's because I feel like what we do is nothing like I did in public school. But, no one here cares about learning the rules of football and playing flag football, and other sports. We do watch games once in a while and teach the kids the rules of various sports, but it's just not something that really interests us.

Mostly I feel like I am overwhelmed with all the things we ARE doing, and I have that annoying little voice telling me all the things I SHOULD be doing and because I'm not, I'm failing. I do encourage my kids be active daily by playing outside, to do active things together each week, and to help them understand how to be healthy. So when I see them outside running and biking around with neighbors every day, climbing the tree out back, and asking if they can take the dog on another walk, I remind myself that they are doing fine.

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  1. and they are doing fine. Tell that little voice to just be quiet eh? :)

  2. I agree! Doing fine. Our kids aren't into sports any more than DH and I. Plus, how many sports can we play with four people?
    I did a series of things we do for PE; hiking, TKD, biking, a week of summer gymnastics, playgrounds, archery, swimming lessons, ski lessons, a co-op class I teach called Movement and My Body. The first year of that class, they learned about muscles. This year, they're learning about the skeletal system. Half the class is every crazy activity I can think of.

  3. I actually failed gym class in high school...because it was the one thing I did not enjoy. Watching my kids laugh while we play outside, jump on the trampoline, run races and/or obstacle courses and ride bike is so much more enjoyable to me! We are learning the skills they need, but in a way they love! So much more important!

  4. Every little bit is a good little bit. We try to encourage the girls to go out and play, though I do relax a bit since they are all enrolled in dance classes. - Lori