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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How We Homeschool (Through the Alphabet)

I'm going to be participating in a unique blog hop. It's called Blogging Through the Alphabet. A couple of my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew came up with the idea and a bunch of us are participating! Some of the bloggers are doing themes, some are just following the alphabet prompt. You can find the participating bloggers here and link up if you'd like to participate.

A Net In Time Schooling

What will my theme be?

I'm trying to fill out my list of letters, so this may change, but right now I think I'll focus on...

How We Homeschool

I plan to write about what works well for us and ways we learn. I'll link to each post below so you can find them all in one place. Be sure to subscribe with the RSS link at the right, and please visit the other bloggers joining in!

A- A,B,Cs (Teaching toddlers to kindergarten)
B- Buying
C- Celebrations
D- Dad
E- Exercise
F- Family School
G- Grammar
H- Handwriting
I- Ink
J- Jabber
K- Kids
L- Literature
M- Math
N- Notes... of the musical kind!
O- Occasions - Fieldtrips
P- Planning
Q- Quarreling and Obedience
R- Reading
S- Spelling
T- Transcripts and Grades
U- Umpteenth (Patience!)
V- Vocabulary
W- Writing
X- X-ray (Dentist and Doctor Appointments and Such)
Y- Yawn... Mornings
Z- Zen

Hopkins Homeschool