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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How We Homeschool: Vocabulary (Blogging Through the Alphabet)

Vocabulary can be a fun subject for kids, but they have to understand the meaning of the word and how to use it! I remember a fun vocabulary method that my 3rd or 4th grade teacher used. There was a rarely used big word that we learned each week. Sometimes the definitions were taught in a funny way, or the way it was used in a sentence was funny. I still remember some of the words, like bifurcate.

We learn vocab through a few different curricula - our writing, grammar, and The Family School. We have also done programs such as English from the Roots Up. I've discovered that having kids look up a definition and writing it down are not enough though!

IEW Theme Based Writing books have vocabulary included in the weekly lessons. There are cards with an image that describes the word, and the child can write a definition on the back. Then, I have the kids use the words in their weekly writing assignments. This is my favorite way to get them learning vocabulary. The book we used last year also had vocabulary quizzes incorporated.

I think we'll try to use that method next year even though my older two won't be using a Theme Based Writing choice.

What are some fun ways that you do vocab?

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  1. Vocab is so important too! We don't teach it formally but my boys are always learning new vocab words through all the wonderful stories that we read.

  2. I've never found just writing the words and definitions to work neither. I think you are on the right track having them use the words in their writings and also maybe incorporate it in a conversation or two or three through out the week. Also, build in a review week every 6 weeks or so

  3. I'll frequently use a larger word and ask the lad "do you know what that means?" It's a non-threatening way to learn too. :)

  4. Now that my kids are teens, I build their vocabulary by reading books aloud to them that are beyond their current reading level. They stop me when they hear a word they don't know so they can look it up and we can talk about it. This was a good post, thank you!