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Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekly Recap: With the new eggs!

Last Sunday was a fun day, after church M and J helped cook dinner and dessert. It was delicious! J had an interview with our bishop.

Monday was an exciting day.. J found tiny eggs from our hens! Hooray for eating tasty eggs again!

Sometime that afternoon N showed me that her tooth was loose. It was hard to tell because she was constantly pushing on it with her tongue. She showed it off during J's cake and ice cream party that night, then my husband and I went to get groceries as soon as we got the little ones into bed. M texted me soon after and said N had pulled her tooth out! She was so excited to tell everyone she saw for the rest of the week.

And the cake and ice cream party was great, J always has good cake ideas. He had a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and mint M&Ms. He also had a  great birthday, got some neat presents, and got a tube of ashes from his last scout meeting before he moves on to the next scout troop.

Later that week M had an orthodontist appointment and summer seminary class. J had an orthodontist appointment on a different day because we couldn't arrange schedules to go together this week! J also received his new suit that grandma and grandpa took him to buy last week. He used some birthday money to buy some pants and shorts that fit too. This boy is growing SO tall SO fast!

My husband and I got to go watch Wonder Woman for a date night. On Saturday I took family pictures and got mad at my camera again. I'm going to borrow my dad's camera soon and play with my lenses on it to see if there is something wrong with my camera, one of my lenses, or if I'm just so out of practice that I'm causing the issue.

Family Picture Outtakes

Fidget spinners are the thing right now. This one is the best we've used so far! It's smaller than most so it's easier for people with smaller hands and you can remove the blades. Fun!

Homeschool Coffee Break

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  1. Losing the first tooth is such a neat milestone! Happy Birthday to your son!

    I've never seen a fidget spinner like yours - I like the looks of it. Thanks for visiting and linking up to Homeschool Highlights - I love to see what you share each week.