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Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekly Recap:

Last Saturday we took the boy to get a haircut, then he and my husband set up the greenhouse over our largest garden box. We'll plant spinach and lettuces soon!

After church on Sunday, we enjoyed dinner at my parents house, then we watched slides. If you don't know what slides are, that's how we watched family pictures on the wall before we had digital photos with a projector. My kids love seeing pictures of my family from (not that) long ago! There was a huge cumulonimbus cloud hovering over a part of the city as we were driving home, and lightning would flash near or in the cloud and light it up. It was so neat to see.

Monday was a no school day. We are reviewing a book called Bessie's Pillow (review coming soon!), and we made cherry blintzes topped with sour cream like Bessie would have eaten. There was a little rain, but that didn't stop the kids from playing outside. We held our our #2 Family Home Evening from the book The Christ Centered Home.

Tuesday's literature lesson was about Emily Dickinson's riddle poems. My youngest finished Saxon Kindergarten!

Wednesday was another history lesson about revolutions, this time we talked about Simon Bolivar and South America. E got a spacer put in so she can get braces soon.

On Thursday we had another lesson about languages in North America, this one focused on the facts we know about the golden plates. We tried copying some characters in Reformed Egyptian, compared stacked books to the size the plates likely were, and made our own cards to represent the plates, including a card with aluminum foil glued on that we had engraved. We took dinner to a family member that night.

Friday was fun, our art lesson was about Dutch seascapes. We used oil pastels to try our own seascape, focusing on light and dark areas and the size of ships in the foreground, middle ground, and background. We went to a new restaurant that recently opened up nearby, Black Bear Diner. That was delicious!

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  1. You all are learning about so many interesting things! I love how you always have hands-on activities or a food to go with your lessons. We used to watch slides all the time when I was growing up and my dad still had his slides up until a few years ago. Well, he still has them, it's just pretty rare that he gets them and a projector out to view - great memories!! Thanks for linking up at Homeschool Highlights!