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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Celebrate National Reading Month with the National Geographic Kids Super Readers Program

We were asked to review National Geographic Leveled Readers recently. March is National Reading Month, and National Geographic Kids wanted to celebrate by promoting the benefits of reading! Did you know March 2nd was Read Across America Day?

My children love to read, and were excited to receive National Geographic Leveled Readers, and the Super Readers program. The books we received are:
  • Hop, Bunny!
  • Red Pandas
  • Los Dinosaurios (Spanish)
  • Follow Me!
  • Sacagawea
  • Mars
  • Animal Ark

Just like any book from National Geographic, Super Readers are full of beautiful photos and interesting facts. The photographs seem to hop right off of the pages. Because having fun helps kids learn, there are jokes in a few places in the books. Have your kids explore the National Geographic Super Readers website with you to play games, take quizzes, download stickers, posters, and other motivational reading tools.

You'll find a great tool that National Geographic has created to keep kids excited about reading - the National Geographic Kids Super Readers Posters! You can help your child print the appropriate level of poster, and as they read the books pictured on it they can check them off. There are prizes to download that reward their reading efforts.

The books come in four levels. Pre-Reader level has a blue circle and contains short sentences with simple words. Hop, Bunny! is one of these books.

Level 1 books have a red circle and are great for kids who are beginning to read on their own. Red Pandas, Los Dinosaurios, and Follow Me fit this category. Follow Me has another benefit, there are "You Read" and "I Read" pages so a parent can read with the child. How fun!

Level 2 books are for children who are reading independently. They have an orange circle. We didn't receive any of this level.

Level 3 books have a green circle and are for kids who read on their own with ease and can understand more challenging vocabulary. Sacagawea and Mars are in this level.

The great thing about National Geographic Leveled Readers is that no matter what your child's reading level, they will enjoy these books. Younger children love to listen to the books and look at the pictures, and older children can use any of the books to learn from, or use as trusted source texts for research.

National Geographic was kind enough to include Animal Ark, a book full of animal and insect photos with short phrases that describe a characteristic of the animal. There are some pages that fold out and show more animals, and paragraphs that encourage the reader to observe each unique animal while being mindful of how our actions affect them. This book is beautiful, and even adults will enjoy perusing its pages.

My kids have always loved National Geographic Leveled Readers, and these new books exceeded our expectations. They have nicer looking pages than I remember our older ones having, and they are full of interesting information. Encourage a child to read by giving them a new book during National Reading Month! These books are available at many bookstores and online.

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