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Monday, March 6, 2017

Weekly Recap: With the cold and the ice

Last Saturday we did our grocery shopping, a LOT of grocery shopping! Then we walked along the river. We've had so much snow and rain this winter that the spring runoff is high. There's been flooding in some areas. We wanted to show the kids that the river is different from how they're used to seeing it and how it is dangerous because of the speed, depth, and temperature. In this first picture is a tree that grows horizontal, over the river. When we've visited this spot in the summer we can wade across most of the river, with the water not reaching my kids' knees, and the main trunk of the tree is at about adult chest level.

The river is gorgeous right now, but also a good reminder of the strength and danger present in mother nature. The icicles that form from the hanging branches are neat.

My husband and I attended our adult Stake Conference session that night, and we went as a family on Sunday. After conference my sister and her dog visited. Her dog LOVES our chicks! She almost loves them too much, she started licking one and that's when my sister got nervous and made her stay back. The chicks thought the dog was a great friend though!

We learned about the Articles of Confederation during our history lesson Monday, beginning our study of the Constitution. We also woke up to about 6" of snow! My oldest went to a group piano lesson and pizza party. J made a cake, E taught a Family Home Evening lesson on the Word of Wisdom and made yogurt bark to go along with it. N started getting a fever sometime in the night.

N woke up feeling sick, but still wanted to do her math lesson on Tuesday. We had our first estimate done to replace our garage door. Literature was about Emily Dickinson's nature poems, and the kids made a lot of nature crafts to go along with them.

Wednesday's science lesson was about electromagnetic waves and the electromagnetic spectrum. The children caught on to the whole lesson, despite it being a rather abstract concept. I started feeling a little fever coming on that night, but luckily it didn't last other than a scratchy sounding voice.

On Thursday we talked about various religions codes of behavior and how they are similar. M was really feeling sick and skipped her piano lesson today. We had a second estimate for our garage door replacement, and got it all ordered. J and my husband started packing for scout camp!

Music on Friday was a lesson about George Gershwin. It was pretty neat to see the similarities in his family and a book we're reviewing called Bessie's Pillow (Review coming in two weeks!). The sick people are feeling better, but get tired easily. The boys left to go camping with the scouts, and my parents brought over their car for me to use tomorrow. The boys have the van, and I had to drive a much farther distance than my husband's car could go on Saturday morning!

See you next weekend!

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  1. The river looks beautiful - but good idea to let the kids see that it can be dangerous too. Glad everyone is starting to feel better. George Gershwin is a favorite composer of mine, and has a pretty neat story. :-) Thanks for linking up at Homeschool Highlights!