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Friday, April 7, 2017

Weekly Recap: with General Conference and without school

We spend last Saturday and Sunday enjoying General Conference and listening to the living prophet and apostles speak! Did you know there is a prophet living today? Just like in Bible times, you can learn from him exactly what God wants us to know, and the feeling of comfort when you hear the leaders of Christ's church speak is wonderful.

My husband has had his work weekends fall on General Conference twice now. He's not thrilled about that, but at least it's available to watch online or read! In between Saturday sessions the kids and I went grocery shopping, then we set up a grilled cheese bar for lunch. We invited some friends over for the Priesthood Session after dinner, and had banana splits.

On Sunday between sessions, we had lunch at my parent's house and had more friends watch the afternoon session with us. It was one of the best weekends ever!

Because my husband had to work the weekend, he had Monday and Tuesday off. We have the week off school as well. On Monday we did a little shopping, the boys mowed the lawn, and I dove into a big pile of sewing... mostly turning pants with holes in the knees into shorts. I like to use fancy bias tape from Holland Fabric House for the girls' shorts, but I just hem my son's. We did a General Conference review for Family Home Evening. I am doing a THM Fuel Cycle this week.

On Tuesday M got to spend the day with my sister! They had a lot of fun at the Church History Museum, shopping, eating, and getting pedicures. My husband took the other kids to a park so I could work on my sewing pile and some review things. J went to scouts that night.

Wednesday was exciting, our new garage door finally got installed! Now I don't have to push on one panel to make sure it closes correctly (or else it won't open again), and I don't have to worry about it falling down on someone or my van! The guy came after working all day and stayed late to get it put in. The supplier had ordered the wrong door and we waited 3 weeks + 3 weeks to get the right one, so it was nice of him to come and start working on it after a full day.

Thursday I finished all the mending. The kids have spent a lot of time playing outside and with friends, a perfect summer break. The garage door guy came again tonight to finish up. J and my husband went to a city council meeting for a merit badge J is working on. The kids and Dad camped in the back yard. I was lonely, it was the first time N slept outside all night! She usually likes to hang out in the tent then come snuggle in my bed. But she overcame her fears of foxes and raccoons on the other side of the fence, and had a great night. I prefer to sleep in a nice comfy bed when one is within the vicinity so I don't usually camp in the backyard, but maybe I will start... It might be better than sleeping alone inside!

Friday has been another play day, and my husband finally called our internet company about the horribly slow speeds we've been getting. The kids couldn't do anything on their computer course today because the videos wouldn't load. The internet has been slow quite regularly lately, and we're about ready to switch companies.

My Fuel Cycle is going well, but I forgot that Sunday is Fast Sunday. I should be okay, but I may have to adjust my fast a little. Next week we're back to school!


  1. ah, it's frustrating when the computer doesn't work quickly eh?

  2. I love those shorts and that adorable trim you used.

  3. Looks like a productive and good week, even with the break from school. I spent about two years being frustrated with our internet provider, so we recently switched and what a wonderful difference! It's the little things, right?! :-D

  4. What exactly do you have at a grilled cheese bar? I need to know more!! And thanks again for letting me take M for the day. It was so much fun! I hope she enjoyed it, and that Matt wasn't really too worried. :)

    1. She had a great day!! I got the idea here - We had different cheeses, deli meats, bacon, tomatoes, and avocado. I looked for more ideas on pinterest and that got out of control quickly :)