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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Weekly Recap: With the ice cream

We had a great last week of summer! We are ready to start school this next week.
Last week we spent a lot of time making ice cream. Our church has an annual neighborhood barbecue and homemade ice cream contest. We had a silly incident recently... I bought a child a McFlurry from McDonalds. My children have never had one of those before, and the child who received the shake couldn't remember the name. Later that person asked me if it was a McFluffer, but they didn't think that name sounded correct. But it gave us a great idea... make Fluffernutter ice cream! I came up with a peanut butter cookie dough ice cream a few years ago (my favorite!), so we just had to get the marshmallow cream in there. We decided it would be good with or without cookie dough bits. We were right, it is DELICIOUS! We also decided that since we were adding marshmallow cream to ice cream, we should experiment with a S'mores flavor ice cream. That turned out to be quite delicious as well! 

As we started freezing three flavors of ice cream (we always make peppermint for the party), we discovered our 16 year old bucket ice cream freezer wasn't working properly. It wouldn't keep spinning. So M sat by it and helped it go while J and I ran to a local store to purchase another one. Guess what... that one broke after one use. It was a poor design (and a different brand than we already owned) and the little hook that held the motor on the bucket broke right off. So our ice cream didn't freeze as solid as we would have liked, which meant that I stirred and scraped the buckets every hour until I went to sleep that night. But it was okay in the end, all three flavors were delicious and we took two to the barbecue. We kept Fluffernutter home for ourselves because we weren't sure that there were many people so far out west that would appreciate the New England specialty.
This week J got to go boating, be pulled on a tube, and attempt to water ski. He had so much fun! Everyone visited the dentist and everyone has very healthy teeth. My husband and I had two church dinners this week, the other one was for adults and we got to listen to a local country music artist that my husband grew up with. I made over 200 vitamin C capsules to help boost our immune systems and prepare for winter. It's always a pain to use the capsule filler thing until I remember what way works best (hint: not what the instructions say).
We ended the week with a scheduling miscommunication and frustration all around. But the neighbors invited the kids to play in their pool, and our cousins and my brother and sister in law stopped by to visit so that helped us feel better.

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  1. Yay for homemade ice cream! Sorry your ice cream maker wasn't working right though.