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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Weekly Recap: With lots of fun school lessons!

Last Sunday my husband spoke in church. I went to bed early that night, but I still felt tired Monday morning! I am not a morning person.

Our history lesson on Monday was about how Heavenly Father prepared the right time, the right place, and the right man to restore the gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth. It was a great lesson, and we're making lapbooks to go along with all we learn about the restoration.

Tuesday was our first literature lesson about Christ's parables. We studied the parable of the talents, and the parable of the 10 virgins. It was also M's first day attending seminary! Seminary is a class for high school age students to learn about the gospel during the school day. After school we visited a friend for a bit, and the kids had fun playing with her dog.

Science on Wednesday was our introduction to anatomy and physiology. We're excited to do this course and learn all about the human body!

Thursday was our geography lesson about latitude and longitude, and how they are broken down into degrees, minutes, and seconds. That was a fun lesson and the kids enjoyed exploring exact coordinates of places they are familiar with. We got so many veggies and raspberries from our friends, and we are so grateful that they shared their harvest with us.

Friday we learned about Machaut in our music lesson. We talked about one of his poems:
He who makes songs without feeling,
Spoils both his words and his music.
We talked about how this applies to so much more than music, other things in life can have so much more value and be more meaningful when we do it with feeling and emotion.

Saturday we visited with cousins, had lunch with friends and grandparents, and went grocery shopping. We started using ChoreMonster, in hopes that it will help kids be more motivated. We have a great chore system that we use and love, but after 10 years of using it, we're a little tired of doing it daily and we want a change.

We are struggling with school and staying on task. They do well some days, but this week we had three slow days and two good days. The slow days started happening the last few months of the previous school year and have quickly surfaced again. I created a schedule and placed it in three places so they can always see what they need to do and when. It feels rigid, but they have already proven that when they follow it they get done faster than they normally would. They get to do school wherever they want to in the house, so they aren't distracted by someone else. I just can't find a way to help them stay on task every day, and I'm getting frustrated. I'm hoping ChoreMonster will help with this. Any tips?

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  1. Great quote from Machaut - will have to copy that one into my inspiring quotes collection. ;-) We have an ongoing struggle with staying on task and focused in our homeschool as well. My daughter is a junior this year and has had a big jump in her maturity and diligence this summer so I'm hoping it will carry over as we begin school. Thanks for linking up!