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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Weekly Recap

I've been so busy that I'm a few days behind in getting this written! Last Sunday, J was set apart as the deacon's quorum president. I attended Sunday School and had a great lesson about Joseph Smith, the Godhead, and a little history added in with the Nicean Creed.

Monday our history lesson was about how the Smith family moved so many times in order to get to where God needed Joseph to be. We also talked about Joseph Smith's operation when he was a child.

Tuesday our literature lesson was on character traits and how our speech is an identifier, like a signature or fingerprint is. We were learning about the characters on the ship in the beginning of The Tempest, and how their speech exposed their internal character traits. The lesson included a great quote from Elder L. Tom Perry, "Just as a passport photo, a signature, or a thumbprint can identify individuals,...just as surely are you classified and put in a special category by those who hear the words you speak. Our speech reflects the kind of person we are, exposing our background and our way of life. It describes our thinking as well as our inner feelings." New Era, July 2007

Wednesday's science lesson was the first on the skeletal system. We learned a lot of the major bones in the body, and I was impressed at how quickly the children recalled them! We compared the support, movement, structure, and protection the skeletal system provides to how the church does the same in our lives. J had a Board of Review and discovered he has earned his First Class badge!

Thursday's geography lesson was about the dimensions of our countries, and we started the first part of our country reports. We also talked about helping at church. I attended a scripture seminar about Genesis and the Restoration. It is very informative and I'm excited to attend again.

Friday was our first art lesson and we learned about Benjamin West, the father of American painting.

My husband had to work all weekend. So on Saturday we bought groceries, made peach pie ice cream, and hung out at home. J spoke in sacrament meeting again on Sunday, and M and I took turns attending class and teaching N in the foyer. She was at the tail end of a cold and had a slight cough left, enough that I wanted to be safe and not send her to class. But I could not leave her home since my husband was working and I taught a different Primary class that day. It all worked out well in the end!

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