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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Weekly Recap: Hangin' in there

Picking up where I last left off...

Saturday we worked some more on the coat closet we're refinishing. We added in new shelf supports and painted. We found our first white egg from one of our leghorn hens!

Sunday we went to our sacrament meeting and listened to M speak. She did a great job, I am always so proud of my children when I hear what they have been working on. We left early to listen to my cousin speak in his sacrament meeting... he's leaving for a mission to Mexico very soon! After a family lunch, we went to Temple Square and toured the Conference Center. What a great Sunday activity, it was also a nice reprise from the previous week.

Monday brought a history lesson on the martyrdom of Joseph Smith. There was a doctor visit, and a priesthood blessing too.

Tuesday we had a literature lesson on The Tempest, and we also talked about how marriage is ordained of God. There was a doctor visit, but thankfully just the orthodontist. We finished up the coat closet!

Before on the left, after on the right. Nothing fancy, but we did make it more usable. It used to have a rod which we attached a closet organizer to. There were boxes for each kid to keep their gloves, hats, gardening gloves, etc. in, but everything always fell out. We don't have space in the living room for our DVDs, so they go in the top of the coat closet.

I took out the original shelf and rod. I put two shelves, higher than the original, and put boards around all sides with coat hooks. There are two rows of coat hooks, for adults and for children. We weren't sure what to do for glove cubbies, and nothing we found was what we had in mind. Until we saw the built in wine cupboard for kitchens at Ikea. They are super expensive for a coat closet project though! We wandered through their "Last Chance" section before we left, and found one for half off in a discontinued color! Luckily they have boxes in the children's section that fit perfectly on each shelf. We had hoped for something with 6 sections, but this way worked out just fine and we are very pleased with the results.

Wednesday was a science lesson on the digestive system. There was another doctor visit.

Thursday and Friday we had no school. But there was another doctor visit on both days. Thursday's visit was even worse than everything else, immediate surgery was the doctors suggestion. Oh, how that hurt to hear. We were all very disturbed by this news, and did not feel that everything was taken into account. I understand the doctor's reasoning, but I felt so bad about it. I became physically ill and could not eat for a few days.

After the doctor visit Thursday, we went to the Family History center at Temple Square. That was fun and educational. We also toured the Church Office building. When we came back inside from the observation deck up top, I noticed Sister Eubank talking on her phone. We walked toward the elevator and our tour guide said to the people inside that we would wait for the next elevator. They said no and insisted we join them. So we got into the elevator with Sister Jones, Sister Franco, Sister Bingham, and some other people I didn't recognize. My husband and M said they saw the Young Women presidency out in the hall too! The sisters from the Primary and Relief Society were so sweet, and they talked to my children. Sister Jones even hugged N! N recognized her and was all smiles. It was a great afternoon after such a sad morning.

Friday I took the kids costume shopping and bought pizza for dinner. We spent a lot of evenings doing things together this past week. I haven't been able to focus on anything else, so I've spent more time with my kids. It was refreshing. Friday night we attended an Eagle Court of Honor for a young man in our ward. J received some awards that night too. Then we attended a reception for a neighbor.

The health issue isn't a secret anymore, but the blog is different from real life. I am grateful for your prayers for my child and hope that you are blessed much for your kind thoughts. Soon we will share online.

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