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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

“A Walk in the Woods” Cursive Penmanship Review

This review is a little different. I was the only Crew member who reviewed this item, and I did it for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine®, LLC. You can find the review on their website.

“A Walk in the Woods” Cursive Penmanship - Digital Download Review by Deann H

Joymarie and Jennaya Dunlap
LightHome Publications sold via CurrClick

My children continue to do copywork as long as the child needs handwriting practice. Copywork is also a good way to learn good writing style and punctuation. I am always on the lookout for quality premade copywork, like the books available from LightHome Publications.
My third and sixth grade children have been using “A Walk in the Woods” recently. This is a PDF file full of cursive copywork for children in 4th through 12th grade. The book is fifty-two pages and full of black and white words and pictures, two of which are nature craft ideas. It is available to download for $9.80. Each page focuses on one letter of the alphabet, with many instances of alliteration and consonance to give the child plenty of practice writing in cursive. For example, a few of the words used on the page for the letter Z are jazzy, zebra, hazy, blazing, fuzzy, and zigzagging. Only some of the pages have their uppercase letter included in the copywork.
There are illustrations that go along with each page, and coloring pages throughout the book. The pages begin with an embellished letter and the topic, which begins with that letter. A short paragraph about the topic follows, then many blank lines for the child to copy onto. The lines were a good size for my children at 1/4”, and there were only a few pages that my children ran out of space.
The included coloring pages have extra information about their topic, which has been interesting to learn from. My daughter loves having the coloring pages and black and white pictures to color. The descriptions of each topic are educational, and every paragraph is enjoyable to read. My children have taught me some things from what they’ve learned doing this copywork!
The extra pages of nature craft ideas are fun and many are simple enough that the children can do them on their own. Some of them can be used as a starting point for further learning, such as using pressed leaves and flowers to make a bookmark could begin a study on identifying trees and plants.
I enjoyed flipping through and reading the pages of this book. My children enjoyed the illustrations that went along with the copywork. This book is unique because of the information and images included, and my children were quite willing to use this book daily. It is a very pleasant book that I look forward to using again.

-Product review by Deann H, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April, 2017

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