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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Weekly Recap: With the New Year

We had a great New Year's Eve. We attended church then prepared dinner and watched movies together! I am not a fan of staying up late, so I was in bed earlier than everyone else. The kids love to sleep in sleeping bags in the living room on special nights like this one. It was a good day.

Before we began school the next week, we did some cleaning, shopping, and playing. The kids helped me organize the playroom and we removed three big boxes of toys, two to donate and one to save and decide on in the future. It was refreshing! Now the room is more open and organized for M to do her Schroth therapy there, which I'm going to do a post on in the next few weeks.

We got back to school on Wednesday with a science lesson about the integumentary system. The kids were a little surprised about some facts they learned, and maybe a little grossed out too.

Geography was about communities - urban, suburban, and rural. We made community pizzas to learn the differences, then did some map work. The pizzas have bacon for roads, pineapple chunks for buildings, olive halves for houses, diced ham for people, pepper strips in various sizes and colors for cars, busses, and trains, peas for bikes, and shredded cheese for vegetation. We sprinkled parmesan on for the noise in each community. Oh, and there were mini pepperoni slices for the churches. It was a lot of fun, and a fancy lunch.

Music this week was our first lesson on percussion instruments. I love hearing the percussion section, and the kids enjoyed learning about them and seeing some fun groups play.

Other events of the week - E lost another tooth! M and J had a fun night at church playing volleyball. Our heater has had trouble turning on, and the repair man installed a new thermostat. Our internet is still horribly slow, and the company does nothing about it... We have had fairly warm weather (30s) and E was seen outside in January in a t-shirt and pants, while eating an ice cream sandwich. Yet one more way to tell if you are a Utahn, I suppose!

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