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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Weekly Recap: With the hermit crabs

I'm beginning to think that life will never slow down again! I feel like I've got to decide what to drop before I go crazy. And to add to that we celebrated my birthday last week.

Last week I took my son shopping for dress pants. We had to buy him 30x34 slims! They are huge in the waist (he should wear a 27 but that doesn't exist), but they are the only thing long enough for his tall legs. Then he got sick and didn't go to church anyway.

E had an orthodontist appointment and received a nice surprise.. her expander came out! That means she also got to stop wearing her headgear at night. This headgear was gently encouraging her upper jaw to grow forward and just look at how well it all worked! She has a retainer for night time now.

J has wanted hermit crabs for many years. He finally got some! Meet Davy Jones and Jack Sparrow.

My finger is getting better, but I think something is wrong with part of the laceration. The top and bottom are healed quite nicely. But the center.. it looks like it didn't go together straight when stitched and some tissue is stuck between. It hurts in that spot while the rest is fine now. My husband said he'd talk to someone about it.. hopefully soon!

School highlights:

We finished learning about the Civil War with a lesson on the surrender at Appomattox Court House and Lincoln's assassination.
Our literature lesson was about how our character traits show and determine our reactions during times of conflict.
We had a science lesson on what types of exercise our bodies need. I also introduced my youngest two to Cosmic Kids Yoga, and N wants to do it every day now!
For geography we learned about gastronomy of various cultures.
Our music lesson was about songs that inspire patriotism during wars.

Reviews this week: Planet 316 Story Bible Review

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  1. Cute hermit crabs! My son had an orthodontic appointment today; he has a palette expander and top and bottom braces so I'm not even sure how he eats but so far it's working well for him and just as soon as all those adult teeth grow in he should be able to switch to a retainer.

    1. That's exciting! It was stressful for us at first with all the extra things in the kid's mouth, but the results are worth it. Good luck to your son!

  2. Wow - what a difference the expander made for E! Love her happy smile!! Hope your finger heals up properly - is it still painful, or does it just not look quite right? Thanks for linking up your highlights with us!

  3. That part that seemed to not be healing... it's getting better, it just looks like the cut healed a bit open now. It is still painful when I press on where the stitches were, and when I try to bend it. It is also swollen, and looks a little deformed. I think there might be ligament damage that still needs to heal. But it's so much better than it was!