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Wednesday, May 2, 2018


CodeWizardsHQ recently asked members of the Homeschool Review Crew to review a special one-time course they chose to offer homeschoolers. My two older children wanted to participate so we chose from the offered dates and times and waited for the class. This is a live, online coding class for kids (middle and high school students.)

Unfortunately after we were assigned to this review, they had to change the dates. That meant we were not able to participate because we could not attend any of the other classes.  But I still wanted to let you know what I learned about CodeWizardsHQ.

Even though this special one-time class was offered to homeschoolers, this is not just a homeschool computer curriculum. This is a coding program available to all students!

This program is structured in levels, beginning with simple website programming and working toward more advanced coding. Students can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. They can also learn backend website management with MySQL, basic game programming, and how to create mobile apps for iOS and Android. The skills they learn can be applied to a college major or a future career.

The thing that makes these courses different from others is that they are live online classes. Students attend at a set time so they can learn from and interact with an instructor. They receive immediate assistance and avoid coding errors from the comfort of home.

Each course is 12 weeks long and culminates with a real world coding project. Classes are recorded so your child can review the lesson or catch up. Class sizes are small so the instructor can interact with each student.

The cost is a bit steep for us, so I'd love if this company worked with the Crew again and offered their regular course rather than a single one-time class! My kids still want to learn more about coding, and we feel like a single class would be just an introduction to the concept.

Check out their website to see what is available for your student. They also have a Facebook group for parents who are interested in their programs.

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