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Monday, May 7, 2018

Weekly Recap: With two weeks!

Is it summer yet? My kids are starting to feel like it should be. Some days we do great with school and get done quickly, and some days we drag on until dinner. Now that it's warm (hot) outside we are counting down the days!

We've been attempting to catch frogs out back. No luck yet. We're making great progress on the fence, it's almost done! The kids helped me get the chicken yard closed in so I can plant summer veggies in the garden next week. I can't wait for fresh home-grown veggies!! And... this sounds superstitious, but I am sure a vehicle is going to have problems soon. Life goes on and things break, things wear out, and I'd really like to just be able to pay for it all for once!

Can you spot the frog?

M had a follow up x-ray, she's been wearing her scoliosis braces for a little over 4 months now. Her curve is holding. It didn't improve (boo..) but it also didn't progress (YAY!!) so that's a positive outcome. We'll check again in 6 months.

School highlights:

History lessons about the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. They liked the "tour through Ellis Island" so much that they want to do it again someday soon, just for fun.

Even Robin Hood wanted to emigrate!
Resting in "steerage"

Literature lessons on Hans Brinker, learning about plots and plot graphs. We also talked about Ecclesiastes 11:1 and what it means. We discussed examples from the book that show how a good deed comes back to you.

Science lessons about good hygiene and medical specialists. We currently have eggs marinating in various drinks to see what happens when we don't brush our teeth.

Geography lesson about the culture of South America and a word study for our country reports. The kids are excited to have the reports finished, we'll put them together next week!

Art lesson about C.C.A. Christensen and moving panoramas. We're now one art lesson behind and hope to catch up before next Friday.

One of our printers is going to be dead soon. I do not like Epson printers. A dead printer does not work in a homeschool household!

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