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Monday, May 14, 2018

Kids Email Review

The internet can be a scary place for young children. When Kids Email offered us the opportunity to review a one-year subscription to Kids Email Safe Email for Kids we really wanted to participate!

We have reviewed KidsEmail in the past and we liked it then, so we wanted to use it again. There are so many safety features that allow my children safe access to email so they can communicate with friends and family digitally. I love that I can give them the opportunity to learn early since email is something they'll use their whole life.

It was easy to set up my children's accounts because they were already saved from the previous subscription we had! But even if they weren't, the interface makes adding a new kids account simple. We used the subscription for my two youngest children, in first and fourth grade, but I also have accounts for my 7th and 9th graders. (I understand the subscription I received for this review was for up to six children, though I only have four.) There are options to make the account seem a little more grown-up for older children, including having the email account say rather than

Once the account has been created, you can set up safety settings. They are already set by default, but it's a good idea to go over them and see what you prefer. For instance, you have the option to set a contact list for your child which allows them to receive and send messages ONLY with addresses you approve. You can also receive copies of all incoming and outgoing email. You can choose to block or receive images, links, and attachments, and block bad words. All email can go to a queue that you must approve before the child receives it, if you choose. I like that once you set up the safety settings you can apply it to one child or to all of the child accounts you've created.

There are options to customize the layout so that formatting and folders are not visible, which is helpful for young children. The app will read received emails to the child if they push the speaker button. We didn't try that, I don't know that I'd let someone that young use it. There are also themes so your child can customize the interface to what they like.

If you need to revoke email access you can turn on the grounding feature. It can be set for a time period, or until a specific date and time. You can also choose what time of day you want your child to have access to their email account. Time restrictions are set by the hour, and can be for any day of the week.

I like the activity log, I can see when my children sent an email and who it was sent to. I can block senders if I feel it is necessary.

My kids love having access to their own email accounts. It's fun for them to send a quick note to another family member. They use the app on their tablets, but the accounts can be accessed through a browser too. The app remembers their password so they don't have to. If your children share a device, all accounts can show on the app, or if your child has their own device you can have only one child account show. They can type messages out, or they can draw pictures on the screen to send. Sending an email is simple, they choose a contact (and we have added images to the contact list so it's more personal), enter a message or picture, and send it off! There are no added games, etc. It really is email and just that. I love it because it's so simple, yet allows me the comfort of knowing my kids are learning to navigate email in a safe way!

These email accounts are great for children who need access to email for school, or who want to keep in touch with family and friends digitally. We really love the safety features and use them for preteens too, so they can get used to using email. These accounts are great for teens too, there is really nothing better than ensuring your child won't receive spam or ads while learning to navigate email.

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