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Monday, June 18, 2018

Weekly Recap: With the busy summer

I feel like I've been sprinting since school ended! Sometimes we have two or three places to be in a day. I just want a few days that we can stay home, do chores, and play. I hope things calm down soon!

But we've been having a lot of fun still, playing with friends at parks and pools. Celebrating a birthday. Working on family history. Taking apart our broken printer. Cutting down the bushes in our front yard. (HOORAY) Visiting extended family. Repairing broken A/C parts. Making bread. Doing crafts. I started at a new job, working at home and associated with homeschool, but it is a job none the less.

We had a little scare with the hermit crabs. The smaller one disappears frequently when he buries himself in the substrate. If we don't see him for a couple of days, my son will dig him out. One night he lifted up the hiding place to discover pieces of pincers and legs. He was devastated. I asked where the shell was if the crab had died. He dug around and found it, and felt something moving inside! It turns out that the crab had molted and was doing just fine. What a relief!

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