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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Weekly Recap: With the end of school!

We are so busy here! I had hoped that we would have some time off to enjoy just playing, but that has not happened yet. Which is why this post is going to cover two weeks again!

School highlights:

During the last week of school we had some fun mini celebrations.
History: LDS convert immigration stories. We also finished up our ancestor reports and presented them to the family. It was neat to learn more about the ancestors my kids chose, and even better to see them "get to know" their great-great (great?) grandparents.
Literature: A celebration for finishing Hans Brinker. I added a paragraph and picture about this celebration here.
Science: Since we studied Anatomy and Physiology, we ended with a talent show for our celebration. Each child picked a talent and showed the family. We got to see N's improving basketball skills, M and E's artwork, and try J's cookies.
Music: We played a few games to review the composers and songs we learned about this year. The music celebration is always fun, but this year they knew them so well that we finished quickly!

Other happenings:

We have spent more days at playgrounds lately than usual. We've met up with friends and it's been so nice to visit with them!

Our two year old dishwasher has been picky about starting lately... sometimes it will, but most times it won't. We found out the motor had died. It would cost the same as a new dishwasher to replace it so we bought a new dishwasher instead. hashtag unexpected bills

J has been working on his cooking merit badge and made peach cobbler in the dutch oven. He got to use our neighbor's fire pit, which is always fun!

I've been working on my Book of Centuries. I'm putting all the things we've studied in our 5 years of Family School in it, then I'll keep adding as we learn. M wants to make one too, but she's waiting to learn from my mistakes.

We had a great big extended family picnic for Memorial Day. It was great fun!

The neighborhood duck family made their trek to the creek behind our house, and they went right through our yard again. They all made it safely to the water.

My inkjet printer (Epson XP-820) died. We knew this was going to happen, we have been getting error messages that the ink overflow pad was full. We've had SO many problems with this printer and I'll never buy an Epson again. Luckily I had been watching the one I wanted to buy and caught it when the price dropped SUPER low one night, so it was sitting here waiting to be used.

Our vacuum burned up the outlet! Neat! Especially great because there was no fire, the kids and I acted quickly, and my husband happened to be home when it happened to help replace the outlet. We bought a new vacuum which is purple!

My big kids went to the broadcast with President and Sister Nelson, and the younger ones watched at home with me. What a great meeting! I'm having a hard time with the social media fast because I have to keep the blog up and post to social media when reviews go live. But we're trying! We also got to watch the Be One celebration which was pretty cool too.

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  1. Looks like a great week! Despite the needed replacements! That's the way of it at our place too - everything needs replaced/repaired at once. Thanks for linking up!