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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Weekly Recap: With the retirement and the fire

The end is in sight! One more week of school and then I can focus on some other business that we've got going on.

Last Sunday M and I attended an indexing class at church. We learned how to use the new web based indexing program on I'm so excited that we can index on our Chromebook now. We went to my parents for a birthday/mother's day dinner. My kids and husband spoiled me with cards, flowers, chocolates, and Willow Tree figurines that represent my children. I am so blessed to have amazing kids and a wonderful husband.

Monday was our history lesson on the War of 1812. The kids gave the dog a bath.

Tuesday we had a geography lesson and picked our word to study for the final page of our geography reports. The three older kids did their word studies and I helped type E's out. We went to J's scout court of honor and he earned one rank and two merit badges. He's so close to one more badge and one more rank that we made a list of things to finish ASAP.

Wednesday was a science lesson about the scientific method and science fairs. We are not entering a science fair, but we did practice using the scientific method to see how many pounds it takes to crush an egg shell. It has been cold and wet, and we've gotten more snow in the mountains, but it snowed twice at our house today. We have a mallard couple that wanders between a few yards near by and today we saw the mama with 10 newly hatched ducklings! I bought N some new dress shoes for church since hers fell apart during class last week! Also, I finally accepted the fact that one of our chicks is actually a rooster and let my husband post him on the classifieds. Too bad, he's pretty! But too noisy for our neighborhood.

Thursday in geography we began putting together our geography reports for the year. Our neighbor took his tree down yesterday and today and the kids enjoyed watching that. We went to my mom's retirement ceremony tonight and then out to dinner to celebrate. Congratulations Mom!!

Friday we had our last art lesson and it was supposed to be a Dutch Golden Age celebration, but we only made one Dutch food and did the lesson about what a Golden Age is. J mowed two lawns.

Saturday we took M to buy hiking shoes and then went to Lowe's to get compost and a few more plants for the garden. We stopped for groceries on the way home and survived the big sale and PACKED store. At home we worked in the garden, then went next door so J could build a fire for a scout requirement. We had smores, then J had to put the fire out. It was a busy but fun day!

Here is a little lettering project I did a while back. Lettering was mentioned on the crew this past week and I have a few favorites but haven't shared any on my blog. I did share this one to Instagram though, so here it is for you to see too!

See you next week!