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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Photography Class - Skill Practice and Editing

Last week my children worked on using their knowledge to practice, in the BSA booklet this was requirements 4 and 5.

We photographed a subject from two different angles, from two different light sources, with two different compositional techniques, and played with depth of field more. Here are their choices of angles.

Then they chose three types of shots from a provided list. Here are some of their favorites. These images also count for part of this week's work, using software to enhance photos. J has been shooting RAW so he learned basic processing as well as enhancements. The camera M is using shoots JPEG so she learned basic enhancements.

This was a basketball shot, not a new dance!

They had a lot of fun learning how to use Photoshop Elements. I also own Lightroom but I want J to learn some basics in Elements before I teach him Lightroom. If M decides that she wants to try RAW files we'll teach her that stuff too!

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